Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top 2 Tuesday: Jonah Things!

Jonah has two new habits that crack me up.  

The first is he's 'talking' a lot.  But what's funny is he thinks you're supposed to talk at the same time as someone else.  So if I'm on the phone or talking to Howard Jonah is just babbling away, and he stops when I stop.  Today I talked to him when he was eating and he got so stressed from stopping to talk when I was that he cried in frustration for a second so I stopped and he went back to eating.  Hehe.  

The second is that he puts a soundtrack of grunts to walking up or down stairs (as if he's the one doing the work to carry another person up and down stairs...).  No matter what state he's in - peaceful, cantankerous, bawling, ASLEEP...it's grunt grunt grunt grunt all the way down and all the way up!

I think he's starting to figure out a bit of this dry bright world. :-)

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