Friday, October 4, 2013

Monkey Bars!

Let's try a mommy blogger post shall we?  Do you read other mommy blogs?  It's like what moms do now.   It's weird.  But we're not going to miss the party.  So here we go.

Wait.  Do you read Ree Drummond's blog?  This will not be like that.  In photography nor in recipe.  

Yay!  Now that you're so pumped up let's jump right in!  

So play group was today and I was in charge of snack.  I love playgroup because it gets me out of the house and makes me feel semi normal!

I made homemade granola bars.  So yum and so fast (especially when your hubby does all the grocery shopping!  Yay hubby!)!  <-- How are you supposed to punctuate a sentence that has punctuation within the parenthetical??  Because I like the punctuation within the parenthetical . No.  I will not take it out.

These are all the ingredients you need:

Oats, almond butter, banana chips, mini chocolate chips.  Many mini chocolate chips.

In a food processor blend 3 cups oats and 1 jar almond butter until smooth.  You might need a little water to help it become doughy.  (Why isn't that word pronounced 'duffy?'  Ugh.  English makes no sense.) I know how to end that kind of parenthetical.  The period goes on the inside when it's a separate sentence.  I heart grammar.

Now mix in your banana chips and pulse.  Do it to the beat of Stayin' Alive and you can review your CPR training at the same time.

Now transfer to a bowl and mix in the desired amount of mini chocolate chips.  These were for toddlers so I didn't add but a handful.

Press into a container or onto a counter lined with parchment paper.  I made mine about an inch thick.  Wear your kitchen gloves!  Do you keep a stash of disposable medical or food handling gloves in your kitchen?  They come in so handy for handling dough or peppers!

Cut into squares, refrigerate to set, and you're good to go!  I sprinkled a little melted chocolate chip goodness on top.  And since they had banana, chocolate, and nut flavors I called them Monkey Bars.  Then I realized playgroup today was at a playground.  Then I freaked out because oh my goodness: MONKEY BARS!!

Yes yes thank you.  I know.  So mommy blogger.  We may just have to make this magic an annual thing.

Did you notice the sweet frame in the first pic?  That was a gift from our dear friend (and fellow blog reader) Phyllis.  She watched Howard when he was a baby!  And she brought this:

It's a galosh vase!!

Lastly, here we are today enjoying our Nonni:

Have a great weekend!

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