Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On this day 7 years ago / On this day 2 months ago

This day 7 years ago was not the day I got a manicure because Howard surprised me with birthday trip to Tulsa and I thought he was going to propose.

This day 7 years ago was not the day Howard flew to visit me in France where I was studying abroad and we went to the Eiffel Tower and I knew that's where he would propose.

This may have been the day 7 years ago when Howard's black truck unexpectedly pulled up to the house of girls where I was living a few blocks from the OU campus and my roommates slapped some makeup on me, did my hair, and made my outfit look cute all before Howard made it to the doorstep because we knew he was going to propose.  They watched from the back hallway as Howard shyly held his arms behind his back and said he had a surprise for me.  He then waxed eloquent about how he saw this item and thought of me and knew he wanted me to have it.  He pulled out a big box.  Big - like big enough to hold an electric griddle.  It had a picture of eggs and bacon on the front.  I knew it wasn't an electric griddle.  He already had one.  If we're becoming one we certainly did not need 2 electric griddles.  I knew it was one of those box within a box scenarios and eagerly opened up the large-enough-to-hold-a-griddle box.  

It was a griddle.

But alas!  Perhaps he was about to ask me to cook for him the rest of his life and that's how he would propose!!  

No.  It was not how he would propose.  It was all about the griddle.  It was not the day.

THIS was the day 7 years ago I'd had enough.  Not knowing if this guy would EVER pop the question, I told him no, I would not go to dinner with him that week.  

Just a few moments later I heard a knock on my door.  It was Howard.  Mascara streaked, I opened the door and saw him holding a ring box.

OHMYGOSH.   This was it.  But it was probably a component that went with the electric griddle.  

But it wasn't.  It was a gorgeous gorgeous diamond ring.  And he asked me to spend the rest of his life with him.

(I subsequently made him get down on one knee and ask me again, clarifying he meant marriage and not just dating the rest of our lives.)

And then we were engaged!!!!  It was magical!!!!

This was also the day 2 months ago our sweet little butterball was born.  He is such a happy, talkative baby!! He weighs a whopping 12.4 lbs.  He's using his legs a lot more and really follows a person in the room.  He's just beginning to reach for objects intentionally.  And I know that much anticipated laugh is just right around the corner.  He still has tons of hair.  He's settled back into a good nighttime pattern of down at 9:30, feed at 3:00, up again at 7:30.  His daddy and I love him so very much.  But not just that - we love having him!!  He is just so much fun and we got so lucky.  We can't wait for more conversations and discoveries with our Jo.

We love you Jonah!!!!!!!!

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