Wednesday, October 16, 2013

7 Weeks Old!

Sweet Jonah is 7 weeks old today!!  This month of his life is so much easier for me to remember than his first.  I'm so glad!  The sleep deprivation of the first just completely erased my memory.  I mean seriously - it's like it was one 24 hour period.

I'm still pretty sleep deprived (as in I call my mommy crying and saying I'm tired - it's such a pretty picture of a mature, almost 30 something woman who has no love handles or weird mystery flab and has brushed hair and one single shirt without spit up on it...) so we're working on one of those schedules from a book.  I'm giving it the 2 days until the promised full night's sleep, a size 00P, and uber wealth and happiness.  We'll see.  Jonah's so go with the flow that I'm not sure a schedule is really his thing.  

Speaking of Jonah let's talk about who he is at 7 weeks!!

This kid LOVES being outside.  He looks out windows when we're in and gets so excited when he gets into his car seat and knows we're going on an adventure!  In fact this morning we walked and it started raining and he was just "Hey, I'm cool.  I'm lovin' it.  It's nature, babe."  (I know - his verbal skills are amazing, aren't they?!) He wasn't even worried about his hair.  This may not be our child after all.

He has started to use his legs to 'stand up' a lot more this week.  I can hold him for several seconds before they don't support his weight anymore!  He even takes little practice steps.  

His smiles are so much fun and are regular.  He only fusses when he's tired and it takes swaddling, shushing, and walking for about 15 minutes and he's out.  When he's hungry in the day he moves his fist to his mouth and during the night he just sort of whines until I get him but it's not a full on cry. And hopefully soon we won't be getting up during the night at all!!  Go Jo Go!  If there's one thing I'm going to be pushy about as a parent I've decided this will be it.  Ok - play football - don't become a concert pianist at age 4 - but you WILL sleep through the night. 

We make fun of him for being such a baby lol.  Seriously he acts like such a baby when he's fussy.  He says 'waaa' and makes this little whiny face.  It's really funny to us.  (That's probably the sleep deprivation kicking in because I swear we used to have more sophisticated senses of humor...)

He's almost 11 pounds and is wearing 3 month clothes.  3-6 month sizes fit with a little rolling and 6 month sizes work perfectly in footie pajamas because of the length but need more rolling in play clothes.  I do not understand the sizes for baby clothes.  I feel like as long as I've been babysitting they've been off.  We can send man to the moon but we can't just start calling a 3 month size a newborn and a 6 month a 3 month?  I'm pretty sure NASA could handle that.  Then again I've been to the Houston NASA and it looks like something straight out of a 1980s alien movie set starring Sigorney Weaver and really atrocious special effects (to all the single ladies:  don't ever laugh at the atrocious special effects when your guy picks out one of these films from the alarming plethora we inherited  from the 80s.  It will only lead to divorce).  There aren't even touch screens on anything.  It's all really huge actual buttons.  We sent man to space with ACTUAL BUTTONS.  Mind boggling.

Huh.  We're a little off topic.

Let's wrap this up:  Jonah is precious at 7 weeks and can do no wrong and we're really missing Elijah lately.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Here's to sleeping tonight!!  

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