Sunday, November 9, 2014

Well hello there.

Due to the fact that my beloved toddler tested gravity with my MacBook (which I did not think he could reach as it was sitting in the middle of a not-teeny dining room table), and the fact that we've been going (an albeit very happy) 90 mph, I  have lapsed a bit in the blogging realm.  Let's do an iPhone pic dump, shall we?

Here goes.  Captions underneath.

Asleep in the grocery cart.  Ear infection nĂºmero dos.

Pumpkin hunt at WeePlay class!  Cutest thing ever.  Jonah loves WeePlay class.  We are starting to collect videos of him dancing there.  Howard and I may or may not have some dance moves we do called "The Jonah."

Halloween dinner.

Our little fighter pilot and his novice parents who thought marching across the whole neighborhood without a stroller would be fine.  Jonah was just relieved to realize we had a plan that night when we passed up the playground.

There's probably a God lesson there.  We whine when we don't get the playground but God's thinking, "Yeah but LOOK!  Everyone is lined up waiting to GIVE YOU CANDY."  Didn't C.S. Lewis say something to the effect of we don't even know what to ask for because we can't imagine life so good?

I love the Texas tradition of sitting out on your truck bed in the driveway with candy.  Nope.  We don't go to doors.  We go to truck beds.  Oma and Op manned the tailgate candy station and when we returned from trick or treating Jonah dived in the candy bowl.  He'd stay like that forever digging around in there and then finally pop up with a piece of candy when the trick or treaters walked away.  Crazy kiddo. :)

The night's spoils.

Asleep again in HEB.

Morning walks.  Lots to do out there.  Busy busy!

We attended Greg Abbott's victory party!  What a special night!!

On the way back we stopped at Buc-ee's for the best vanilla coke. Ever.

One of these balloons made it into the hands of...

...this little munchkin!  He had great fun at Oma and Opa's but he was excited to see us and the feeling was certainly mutual!!  I kept getting kisses and 'forehead' (Jonah's sign of affection is to touch his forehead to yours).

He slept 13 hours straight that night!  Nothing like your own bed.  Even if it's getting smaller every day.

Eating at the table like a big boy.

I took a cookie class and an working on being able to do this on my own. So far not so good but I'm having fun learning!

Jonah is obsessed with windmills and there's one across the street.  The first utterances out of Jonah's mouth each morning (the VERY first) indicate he wants to check on the windmill.  He also loves the one at the library, on one our way to school, and the one at Oma and Opa's (the original windmill love).  

It's such a pastime of Jo's that Howard and I have taken it up:

You probably can't see it that well, but driving home (and siting in stand still traffic) I cherished the chubby little face j get to check on in my rear view mirror.  PRECIOUSNESS.

Face timing with Nonni and reading the book about windmills she sent him. :)

Sleeping through a trip to the Apple Store to get aforementioned toddler tested MacBook diagnosed.

We have a windmill in our bath.  Do you?

He conked out again in HEB today after church.  I just noticed that the cart is stopped by the beer.  We should have drawn on his face.  Shoot!  Missed opportunity.  

Sometimes life just passes you by like that.

Especially when you're zonked out in a shopping cart by a bunch of beer.

Oh Jo.  

At least it wasn't chocolate milk.  I've seen you on that stuff and talk about chugging...

Have a good week y'all. ;)