Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh no.

I think I'm getting the cold Howard had.  My head is swimming so this will be short.  (Everything I do is.  Ha.  Ha ha.). 

We had a big fun day yesterday - a much anticipated one!  We had coffee with a sweet friend and her 5 month old boy and then went to school!

Even at the coffee shop we got to see some awesome seniors but then we really had the parade on campus.  It was so exciting I forgot to snap a picture!  Are you kidding me?!  That's saying something!

I almost teared up watching Jonah interact and be held by people who will influence his mind and thus his soul in profound ways as he grows up and hopefully attends the school where Howard and I teach.  It was just so special.

And to add to the special I learned we have like 3 whole blog readers!  So I'm not just typing into a Word document after all!  It was so fun to know we share our days and our joys with people who have been here in the baby days, who get it, and who love us.  We cherish our school family!  It's the blessing of a lifetime to 'do life' with these people.  

Jonah was good on campus but was thrilled to be home and was all smiles with me the rest of the afternoon.  He couldn't even focus on eating he was smiling and talking so much!  :). And THAT'S saying something.

We have a very special visitor flying in tomorrow so we got in a no-people stay-at-home kind of day today.  I love being more mobile with Jonah now but I cherish these kinds of days too.  Days where I can just hold Jonah while he sleeps.  Talk to him.  Play with him.  Get to know him.  Like his Lolli says - he's just not loved at all. ; )

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