Thursday, October 10, 2013

God Bless America

Jonah slept through the night last night.  Jonah.  Slept.  Through.  The.  Night.  Let's all observe a moment of silence to let that sink in.

I woke him up at 3:00am to eat because I was worried.  And because in the fifth grade I wouldn't even let my tomagatchi go that long without eating.  He slept so much I called the doc's office this morning and they said not to wake him anymore.

Now here we enter a loud rendition of Glory Glorrrrry Halleluuuuujah, Glorry Glorrrry Halleluuuuujahhh...

To top it off, he ate in 20 minutes this morning instead of his normal 40.  He. Ate. In. 20. Minutes.  I don't even do that yet. 

The only song appropriate for that level of sheer shining awe is Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner....Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...Go Oklahoma Go Oklahoma Go Oklahommmmmaaaaaa!  OKU!!

It must have been the football pajamas that did the trick.  Those and the Holy Trinity.  Always a good combo.

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