Friday, October 11, 2013

Shine On, Boerne!

Now through the holidays go get a fabulous 'do and check out my photography for sale at Shine Salon in Boerne!  You can visit them online at  In every prom picture I've seen where the girl has some amazing Anthropolgie-esque updo, it's always by Shine!  They are just quality.  

It was so fun to work with Heidi, Shine's owner, to get my photography up!  

Isn't her shop gorgeous?!  

Jonah was such a good boy while we worked.  I think he loved the hair dryers!

Go check out Shine!  And be sure to visit the Photography page above to see more of my work!

Yesterday I made Monkey Bars but replaced the banana and chocolate with Craisins and white chocolate chips.  Delish!!

See that little green thing in the background?  That's my new kitchenaid mixer and I have no idea how to use it!  Maybe when Jonah's 5 I'll have time to figure it out...

Happy Friday and weekend everyone!