Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend!  It was lovely.  I read Kelly's Korner Blog and she had the sweetest comment with her pumpkin patch pictures, so I copy the sentiment: if you're longing for your pumpkin patch days, they will come.  It's so hard to see pics of cute families in the fall while you're longing for your own.  Or mourning your own.  I know!

The good camera got the real lookers, but you get the iphone version because if you wait until I upload the others Jonah will be 7!  

Isn't that quilt beautiful?  Lolli made it of course!

One very hungry caterpillar!

He was not a fan of the hat.  Or the sack.  Or having his picture taken. In a basket.  By a bunch of gourds.  But I waited and waited for him.  Then I threw up for 6 months. Then I pushed him out.  Then I kept him alive with food.  So I get a costumed pumpkin patch picture.

Behind the scenes at our photo shoot.

Jonah and Dad

Just Jonah

Jonah and Nonni

Jonah and Mommy :)

A papa pumpkin, a mama pumpkin, a punkin' pumpkin (Jonah), and a tiny Elijah pumpkin.  And one attention starved cat. :-)

Happy Fall!!

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