Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sips With the Kidlet: No.4

Drink: chocolate milk
Location: nursery

Jonah!  You are 5 weeks old today!  Where has that first month gone? 

Yep time flies.  I'm sure you recall though where it went - I mean you haven't forgotten all the feeding and the diapering and the not sleeping have you?

No, no.  I remember.  Exhausting but sweet times.  The sweet is increasing as the exhausting is juuuuust starting its downhill slide.  Are you going to keep those sweet smiles coming?

Oh lady you have no idea how this works do you.  I play those very strategically.  And just when a new something challenging creeps up I'll give you some giggles.  It's a survival technique.

It doesn't take much, trust me.  Your puppy dog face with the little bottom lip and whimper have your dad and I at your mercy.

What's in store for your 6th week on the outside?

Well my Nonni is visiting so that will be cool.  I'll have to show her around now that I can tell which room I'm in.  And Mom says we're going to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  And we have to wear pants to it.  I hate that part.  But 'pumpkin' is a neat sound so those things must be cool.  And pretty soon I go to my awesome doctor for a checkup!

You're a busy little man!  Thanks for the interview.  Have a great rest of your day!

Thanks.  I'm going to fake sleep now so Mom doesn't make me learn any more French. (She thinks I don't already know it.)

1-2-3: FakeSleep!  

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