Friday, October 18, 2013

Funny Flu Shot Friday

We tried to go to playgroup this morning but Jonah decided he would nap a long while (because we're totally not doing that schedule thing anymore - thanks and no thanks).  Then he decided he would eat at 9:30 when we were supposed to leave.  And because he's my child he not only isn't ready on time (because of food) but he takes an hour to eat.  

So then after that of course we sort of start our day over with a diaper change, an outfit change (because the two are one in the same - what can I say - he's potty trained!), and then oh yeah - Mom's still in her pajamas and robe and glasses so let's get her a little more ready and now ok - we're out the door and in the car!  Look at us on the go adventurous folk!  Out the door in 2.2 hours FLAT!

So we turn on Siri and They Might Be Giants and we're off cruising in the Corolla through the beautiful hills of Texas toward an awesome park.  Except Siri had us cruise right off the paved road and up what turned out to be a private gravel drive that ended in two very fierce dogs barking and what probably would have been shotgun firings had I not turned around after deciding this was probably not where playgroup was meeting today (I know - it's just an insanely sharp maternal instinct thing - what can I say).

 So we headed back into more familiar parts and decided since we had invested the aforementioned 2.2 hours to get out the door that we'd go ahead and make use of it by swinging into Walgreens for a flu shot.

This is where the story takes the unexpected turn to work out in the end.  Jonah sat in his car seat and watched with the most intense focus as the man prepped my arm, got the bandaid ready, and gave me the shot.  Then Jonah decided this was the most HILARIOUS thing he'd ever witnessed.  He can't laugh yet but if he could he'd have been bowled over in tears.  

So, that's all it takes.  Who needs friends and playgrounds when you can watch Mom get a shot?!  HA!  Hysterical!  Everybody come on out for some fall family flu shot fun at your local pharmacy!

That was enough adventure so we headed home where Jonah proceeded to sit at his 24/7 diner bar, order some warm milk, and tell me about his day.  

And tonight this waitress is off and Papa's taking the night shift.  Muwahahahahahaha.  Now that's delicious.

Happy weekend!

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