Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 2 Tuesday: Howard Things!

 My post from yesterday was lost for a while in cyber space (it's back now).  That seems like such a late 90s excuse!  But it's true!  I posted from my phone and it said "publishing" all of yesterday but never did.  I also recently had an email that showed as sent but never actually went through.  What up intrawebnet?!  This ain't AOL anymore!  

Oh didn't you love love love You've Got Mail though?  It beautifully preserves for all of posterity that quintessential anticipation as the space junk sound of dialing up and connecting held our attention better than anything else in the moment.  Sigh.  I just LOVE that movie.  Sharpened bouquet of pencils...Pride & Prejudice.  I love how the whole storyline mirrors Mr. Darcey and Elizabeth.  

Howard and I fell in love reading Pride & Prejudice before we ever met for a date.  It was as we emailed for about a month prior...so You've Got Mail don't you think?!  But I was not nearly as cute as Meg Ryan in her Anthropologie styled clothes and apartment BEFORE Anthropologie was a thing.  I think we called it shabby chic back then.  And Howard didn't have a dog or own a book store.  He worked IN a bookstore and had a cat.  But he was cute enough to replace Tom Hanks.  And that, my friends, is saying something.

And that brings us to Howard things!!  My top 2 favorite things about him are:

1.  He is so polite.  Seriously, all the time.  He has always been this way and it sets such a good tone for our home and our marriage.  It's just...refreshing.  

2.  He teaches himself.  Howard is so good at challenging himself to pursue new areas of study, and following up on it.  I admire this because I don't do well bored.  I've also said for about 8 years now that I need to learn Spanish...

Why am I waxing sentimental today about my hubby?  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to find out!

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