Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet sweet weekend

I'm stuck in bed with the sweetest little baby, so as long as I can't check anything did my list (which is now recorded in my new amazing awesome totally incredible Erin Condren life planner)....

I might as well blog about our wonderful weekend.  

But first, let's admire my planner!!  Oh I love it.  I'm on a huge paper book, paper planner, anti-phone-for-everything kick.  And Howard finally upgraded from his 3G iPhone yesterday.  WHO are we?!

I'm in love with that purse.  WALMART people.  Mom got a couple too:

So affordable and so cute and no guilt if your baby chews on it like a puppy dog.

There is guilt, however, if you spill nail polish remover on your wooden dining room table.  Just thought I'd let you know.  If sharing that saves the life of even just one table out there, it was worth it.

So Mom flew in on Friday for the Matisse exhibit here in San Antonio!  

It was so fun!  We looked at some of his bright, fun work and then headed over to La Frite for a delicious meal and great atmosphere.  What could be better than a French infused night in the town with your mama?!

On Saturday we went to the Botanical Gardens for a Matisse watercolor class.  I'd never been to the Gardens and was shocked by what a neat place it is.  

I got the time wrong on the class and we were late, but we still got to learn so much about watercolor and make a lot of progress on our replica of Purple Robe.

Except we lacked the supplies to make the purple.  (Apparently you can't get that bright purple color from primaries...who knew?!  I've been lied to my entire life!!)

We played with Jonah and grilled delicious HEB premade burgers (which we've decided are better than Longhorn's) and finished the day with a Downton Abbey episode.  Because Howard and I just discovered it's on Netflix and now we can't get anything productive accomplished.  We are DA addicts!

Sunday Howard taught church class and Jonah did great in the nursery!  I'm excited that he's ready to try staying there for big service too!

We ate at Magnolia Pancake Haus where Jonah had his first pancake - a blueberry one.  He wasn't overly impressed.  Probably because it didn't have Nutella.

We always love Mom's visits and I was especially sad this morning when I woke up after being up a lot of the night with Jonah and there was no Nonni to take him and let me go back to sleep.

I keep asking her to move in with us.

I should probably talk to Howard first...

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