Thursday, June 19, 2014

Five on Friday Plus a Bonus Rant

I'm on the computer because I was going to be a responsible citizen and read some news.  Well, after I plowed through a few articles from the Left saying news on the Right is imbalanced, and then some articles from the Right saying news on the Left is imbalanced, I made it to some actual current events.

And then I lost it.

No, not because of the events (though they are harder to stomach than words can communicate)...

but because of the grammar!!

I've had it.  It's one thing when you're texting and autocorrect chimes in the conversation, but it's quite another when a business, a news source, a public sign, or a CHILDREN'S BOOK uses glaringly incorrect grammar.

That's right.  In one of the board books we checked out from the library it says "its" when it should say "it's."  Oh.  I cannot even.  I mean it's a CHILDREN'S BOOK for LEARNING.  How does this even happen?  It has about 4 pages.  And it still has an editor!  Head. Exploding. Need. Duct. Tape.

I won't tell you the name of the book.  I'll just say it features a famous prehistoric creature whose mom might have been red and whose dad might have been blue.  And all I can say to him is ARGH!

Alright.  I'm finished with my grammar rant now.  Just please be safe out there and use YOU'RE and IT's and YOUR and ITS responsibly, folks.  Sigh.  We're not even talking affect vs. effect or the fact that I heard a radio news anchor report repeatedly about a 'valedvictorian,' or how people everywhere are putting "!?!?" at the end of sentences like "I'm heading to the pool."  When it reads as "I'm heading to the pool!?!?" am I supposed to infer that this person is unsure of where he or she is heading?  Is he or she scared about the situation?  Is he or she wondering if I'd like to join?  I just don't know.  I just. don't. know.  Our society is unraveling and I think I'm probably about 93. 

OK, moving on.  Here are some more items on my mind this week. 

1.  Younique.

I read about this on Mix and Match Mama's blog.  This looks like an awesome product if you're wanting longer lashes.  That's YOU'RE as in YOU ARE.  I definitely feel like Ross from Friends right now. We can definitely be friends if you get that reference.  PIVOT!

Click HERE to order. 

2.  I'm watching my day-old Tonight Show episode and Jimmy's in Florida featuring the band FUN.  And to be clear (and grammatically honoring) FUN. is spelled in all caps and always contains a period after the 'N.'  Normally I tune out the music portion of late night shows, because BAD.  But this band has a fantastic sound and kept my attention.  They could be the real deal.  Watch their performance of "Harsh Lights" by clicking HERE.  The lyrics are on the juvenile side unless you read far more into them than was probably intended (or unless you're younger than 93), but again - they have a great sound. 

I wonder if this band knew just because they were on with Jimmy Fallon didn't mean that they had to actually wear tight pants.

3.  In my last post I mentioned the manned mission to Mars and how personality type plays into it.  Here's the article my Dad was referencing:  Why Extroverts Could Cause Problems on a Mission to Mars.

4.  My throat feels sore after I talk a lot on Facebook.  Is that a thing?

5.  Is it just me, or do any other moms out there think of the Dirty Dancing line "Nobody puts baby in a corner" at least once a day?  It's become so annoying I try to avoid corners.  CLEARLY for SEVERAL reasons I have been in the house without a fellow adult for far too much time.

And what would be a blog post without some Jonah?

The kid has informed me that he would like to be 'all finished' with baby food.  He ate half my sandwich at lunch today.  HALF.  It was a raspberry chipotle grilled cheese with ham.  I cut the crust off and the first thing he went for was the crust.  I  was surprised and just loved that I was shown up in that moment.  He's his own person, and apparently, he likes the crust.  

And he doesn't even like torn or chopped up bites.  He just wants the whole experience.

It's a little scarier at dinner time now.

Jonah and I spent the afternoon reading and playing in a tent, respectively...

and then he decided that crust was just the beginning of his desires and aspirations...

and as gracefully as he came to this humble home in Texas, he exited into the sunset, hair blowing in the slight hint of a breeze, pacifier smacking steadily in the humid blanket of air around him, not to return again for a heavily long time.

(Which turned out to be about 10 seconds later, before that first concrete step.)

(Yes, I know that was a hypocritical fragment above that started with 'Which,' but there are exceptions for casual conversational blogging, right!?!?!?!!?? ; )


  1. Those little baby photos are just the thing I need to encourage me to try baby-led weaning next month! He looks like he's enjoying exploring food so much!