Thursday, June 5, 2014

This will lift you up

Well it's nothing but pool babes and peanut butter here this week.  We are in full on summer mode.  I'm not even really sure what that means because a day with a 9 month old is really similar to a day with an 8 month old.  But everybody's saying that so it's the mode to be in:  summer!  I will say that I have somehow already read 3 books (all fantastic by the way) and this is certainly a sign of time gained.  

I'm sitting in a messy living room procrastinating because I jogged and played tennis today in addition to hauling around 23 pounds of preciousness and I just don't feel like moving any more muscles.  And even though I'm going to leave the house messy this time (a certain temptation to fate for someone to come over in the morning and see this place), I should get up to get my computer.  I've got to order some baby proofing things.  Because there's a baby here.  And he likes to test things out.  Like the cat. But they don't make baby proofing products for cats.  I think it's just having a sweet temperament like Cotton does to let your ear be tugged or your tail pulled quickly before an adult hand intervenes.  She never runs away from Jonah, so I hope she's ok.  Sweet kitty.  Jonah and that cat.  They love each other.

Alright it's off to do some online shopping but I'll leave you with this:  Jonah apparently needed a different angle while working on the stroller today because I walked back in the living room to find one of the wheels on a lift.

He cracks me up. : )

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