Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Come Covet With Me

Have you seen this month's issue of Southern Living?  GAHHHHHH.  I die. LOOK at this house:

I mean seriously.  That has Howard and Hillary written all over it.  I cried when I saw the picture.  Not murdering is really easy.  Just don't kill someone.  Easy.  Done.  I don't kill someone every single day.  But coveting thy neighbor's house overlooking the Arkansas River?!  (Which would maybe not make it my neighbor's, right?)  Suffice it to say, I make it pretty easy on Screwtape.

But it's fun to dream.  If I were custom building a house right now (not as I call 'pretend building' like the one we're in), I would totally add my new, Incredibly Awesome Fantastic Idea room.  It was born from this current hallway state of being in my home:

Are you ready for the the IAFI room reveal?!


I'm just gonna let that sink in a moment.

It would be a small room with shelves, recycling canisters, scissors, tape, built in slots for storing broken down boxes, and storage for other mailing supplies, and it would have a special kind of exterior door that features a one-way mail slot that can handle large package drop offs...maybe even just a key pad code or a video surveillance and electronic signature feature.  I'm not sure.  I haven't worked out the details.

BUT it would keep packages that are dropped off when you're not home from sitting exposed on the front porch, it would consolidate boxes to one room until you could get to opening them (nobody likes the look of boxes in a living room), and it would make disposal of the box and packing supplies easy and close.  PLUS it would provide storage for outgoing supplies for returns, online sale of auctioned items, and what have you.  

I'm obsessed and can see the whole thing in my head (if Howard's reading he's thinking, "No, you can see it in your mind.").

Well, the nightly Office episode has geared up so I'll leave you with this little duck and cat caller:

Silly precious boy. :-)

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