Tuesday, June 3, 2014

To Jonah: The Bear Necessities

Jonah, little Baby Bear,

It's sometimes not a good idea to follow.  You can end up following someone who makes bad decisions, or doesn't value the things that are important. But there's one person you know that I would be so proud to watch you follow.  That's your dad.  Now you and Papa Bear are different, for sure, and we adore who you are!  But there are some things you would be wise to adopt from him even as you become more of you.

I hope you are as kind as he, as funny as he, and as sincere.  I hope you're as disciplined as he to keep both your mind and body in shape (you're doing great on the mind part so far...).

In whatever you do, I hope you are an artist like he, a teacher like he, and a student like he.  I hope you are an attentive, caring, and polite husband like he.   

I hope you cherish the simple things like he.  They are the best things.  And actually, they're rarely, if ever, things.

Mama Bear

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