Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You're Reading Your Nightly Blog

So here's the thing.  When you try to be a productive person and get up early in the morning, you're super tired at night.  I know.  Mind boggling information you came on over for tonight.

Thus I've concluded I only have so many hours of productivity each day.  I can have them early or late but I don't think I can create more.  (This makes me think of my precious austistic 4th grade student in my first year of teaching who stood up during a lesson one day and yelled at the clock, "TIME IS ALWAYS AGAINST US!!!!!"

HA!  That has made me laugh for 7 years now.  I can't believe that first little group of kids I taught will be made up of seniors this year!  I hope they've had better teachers than I since our 4th grade language arts class because during my last closet cleaning session (it's a big project), I found these end-of-year thank you notes from them indicating I grossly failed those precious souls in my role:


Good night friends.  I wish you every effectiveness at the work of your hands.  

Again, sigh.

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