Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I am completely breaking my self-imposed rule of not typing anything to anyone after 10:00 at night for fear of not thinking clearly and doing things like sending my financial adviser a message that says "Could I bring dessert?" and my mother in law a message that says, "We'd like to access our funds now."

So.  This should be a true treat insight into the startling world that is my mind.

I'm just now winding down from a day of exhaustion that ended with more exhaustion when Jonah had a blowout in the stroller after his first bath tonight.

Why were we in the stroller after his bath?  Because he wouldn't sleep.  The kid has things to DO.  There are wheels upon wheels around the house that need fixing, board books that need pages turned, surfaces that need to be tested for durability and strength, and his 'Ol Jo Short' song that needs to be sung to him so he can chime in early with the word "problem" pronounced "plablah."

And I mean seriously.  Who can deny that simple pleasure?!

But this followed a morning where he did nothing but take offense to the sweetest cooing sounds from his younger (female) baby friend who came to play.  I mean the kid took.it.personally.  This sweet little baby would make one little coo and Jonah would just break into tears and sob and let his whole body go limp like she had just called his mama fat.

Which I am because I am currently eating chocolate chips out of the bag.  #fulldisclosure

 I think he didn't like that he couldn't climb all over her.  She's only 4 months old.  Sorry, Jo.  You can't climb on her.

Speaking of which, Jonah stood up on my legs as I tried rocking him to sleep tonight.  Stood. Up.  It was sort of awkward.  It made me think of the SNL skit where the businessman has the body of a baby.  I was like, "I'm sorry Mr. J. David.  It's time to retire to your bed, sir."

That reminds me.  We've added JoDa (like Yoda) to his long list of nicknames.  I'm not even a StarWars fan but was proud I came up with that one.  It's always nice when you can dabble in a world other than your own and feel like you are an everyman's man.

Speaking of dabbling in other worlds, my dad was telling me the other day about the ongoing research and planning for the first manned mission to Mars.  He said that NASA, after running several simulations, decided not to send extroverts on the mission.  They completely derailed it.  It takes at least 9 months to get to Mars and during this time the introverts would all shut down at one point because the extroverts sort of sucked the energy from the group.

I thought that was interesting.  My parents are always talking about the different personality types - Driver, Amiable, Analytical, and Expressive.  Of course introvert and extrovert are pretty broad so I'd like to learn more about that study, but it's interesting!  Howard is an introvert and an analytical and they totally don't get enough catering to in our society.  They have so much to offer but a lot of people only pay attention to the loudest. 

I'm a driver.  I like to be in charge and create and envision and lead.  I like big picture but not the details to get there.  I would say I'm a cross between extrovert and introvert.  Driver aspects supercede that, so I'm extrovert when I need to be and introvert when I need to be according to what goal I'm trying to accomplish. 

I love learning about personality styles.  Knowing your own helps you also know your fault tendencies, so you can watch out for your weak areas and learn to grow and improve.

I think there a select number of people who are all the personality styles because they have worked so hard to be balanced.  These are often leaders, and excellent ones, and are often in the public arena.  Pastors, politicians, and principals come to mind as people who are excellent and keeping a foot in all the personality camps. 

And THAT my friends is my brain on chocolate. 

What is your personality type?  What are you reading right now? 

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