Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

We've been busy bees around here!  We are full into summer and are loving making the most of it!  Howard has been super busy lately so Jonah and I are finding lots of ways to knock things off our summer bucket list.

We picked peaches in Fredericksburg yesterday and shopped and had lunch at the Peach Tree afterward.  Jonah was SO good and even made delightful luncheon conversation with me at the table.  All the old people in Peach Tree thought he was an absolute dear.  I was so proud of my chubby little date!

Later that day we decorated his stroller for the neighborhood bike parade!

I may not be a pageant mom but I'm definitely a parade mom because I got really into this.

Jonah was not so into the party blowers.

(See the box in the background?!  Yeah. That's because we don't have a SHIPPING ROOM!)

With his bad haircut he's already stressed.  Anything could put him over the edge right now.

We had a blast at the parade!

Jonah didn't win any prizes but he clapped for everyone who did, which made me one very proud mama.  (Even though he probably thought we were all clapping for him.  Eh.  Minor detail.)

In other news, I have started school year shopping and this came for Jonah yesterday.  Sigh.  It just melted me and Howard.  Jonah will be going to preschool two days a week next year, so I decided to move him from a diaper bag to a little backpack and lunch pail.  So little and so precious!  I almost included this with his birthday presents from us, but ultimately landed in a place of respect for Back to School and the celebration it should be all on its own.  August 28 will be just Jonah and no school supplies.  I feel we dodged a bullet there.  #momsave

I have also started Christmas shopping, a project I call Christmas in July and one that I've never done before but I hope will become an annual event.  The fall semester is SO SO SO busy and even without a baby it is very stressful to wind up the semester and do Christmas at the same time. I want to be able to focus on hot chocolate and Christmas movies and pajamas and Santa, not shopping and stressing and planning and budgeting.  So, I'm taking the time I have now in July to get it DONE!!

I've designated a shelf in our closet for just this project and my goal is to have it stocked with wrapped Christmas gifts for everyone on my list, including white elephant stuff!  The only thing I won't do now are cookie jars.  Call me OCD but I can already feel the stress lifting.  I am so excited to have this done!  Plus, by December I'll probably forget what I bought everyone so it will make it even more fun!  I've enjoyed having the time to pick out gifts (and the time to make returns and adjustments when they don't work!). 

Lastly,  Jesus was actually born in July.  I've always wanted to celebrate his real birth month and don't always feel the spirit of it in December when it's so forced and not even correct.  This has been such a fun way for me to incorporate an accurate celebration of it into our year!!

Next week I'll update you on the saga that is our dining room table.  For now, I'll say that the outpouring of community support on Facebook has been touching.  Who knew our table was so loved???!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!::;;)))))))

Happy 4th y'all.  I also hope all you non-Texans can find a pleasant way to spend the day...

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