Friday, July 18, 2014

The Temporary Locale

Our sweet Elijah made sure Howard and I understood the temporality of life here in a fallen world.  He made sure we didn't think this was all life had to offer and that we had to make the best of it, but that if we really asked it to, Life would make the best of us.  "Seek and you will find," we are told.  We live beyond this short world.  Things fall apart.  Then they get put back together again.  It's that second step we hold onto.  It ends.  And it gets to begin again.  A regeneration.  A righting.  What power there is in that hope. It's not a wish.  It's a looking forward.  It's a longing.  That's what hope is - a holding onto the coming of a promise.  Life is coming.  He is coming.

Thus, we can be brave, because we cannot be eternally harmed.  We are passersby, and we might as well step up in strength while we're in town.  What else have we got to do?



  1. "We are passerby, and we might as well step up in strength while we are in town." Love (and appreciate) your simple eloquence. Thanks for sharing.