Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Mash-Up

While I have a few minutes to myself, let me share with you some fragmented thoughts and then I must clean up after the 25 pound tornado that just swept through my home.


I'm taking a parenting class and learned a trick for when you need to transition your kids - colored sand timers.  They're made by Lakeshore Learning but I wanted to try and make them for much less, and success!  This project cost me under $10 and Jonah now gets himself ready to go on time, every time.

This is the face that encourages me during a jog.  Sigh.  I need to figure out how to make a sand timer that pauses time.

I scored this scarf today at the DOLLAR STORE!  (But when you ask me, I'm going to say it's from Nordstrom.) I rediscovered the dollar store and bought Jonah some new books for the bathtub, shampoo, and a calendar for our nanny to record his diaper changes, sleep, etc. this school year.  Amazing!  And this is the part where I annoy myself.  I can't simply walk in, buy, and walk out.  No.  I have to create a whole project for myself wherein I plan Jonah's 2nd birthday party from Pinterest, but execute with Dollar Store.  I have over a year.  I can do it!!

Now see those unfolded baby clothes on the chair?!  I gotta get busy while I have the chance!

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