Sunday, July 13, 2014


Here's what we've been up to lately...

Greeting Cotton in the mornings
 Playing outside (we just tell him be home for dinner)
 Cleaning out closets (I found the planner I used in college.  Look at Thursday, March 25th, 2004...  Howard's and my first date!)
Learning great hymns.  I think they are so important and so powerful.

 Watching Papa mow
 Nonni came for the Matisse exhibit...and to feed Jonah mango sorbet
 Trying to take 10 month photos
 This pretty much sums it up.  I think he was free falling off the chair.  I truly believe he watched the monkeys at the zoo swing from branch to branch and filed that away because now he just LEAPS from one surface to...who knows?!  I'm always like WHAT'S THE PLAN JO?!  THE MONKEYS FIND A BRANCH FIRST AND THEN JUMP!!
 Picking the best peaches of our lives
 Marching in the neighborhood 4th of July Parade
 Visiting Great Gape's and attending my great Uncle Jim's funeral in Abilene.  He was an amazing man and it was so neat to hear the wonderful eulogies at his service.  He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from OU and taught at ACU.  So much like Howard.
 Testing the theory of gravity.  I think we've run enough trials we can start calling it a fact.  You're welcome, Science.
 Visiting the San Antonio Botanical gardens.  Jonah loved playing inside the Overland Gourd.
 He loves gears and levers and straps and buckles.
 Are these not the sweetest chubby little dimples-for-knuckles hands you've ever seen??
 I love Jonah.  He acts all serious and you start picturing him as a little adult going to work and being all grown up and then he shoves something in his mouth or he drools a waterfall.
 Explaining how it works to me.
 The Botanical Gardens have great hammocks.
 I'm not going to be cheesy and say that they came with some pretty great boys, too.  But they came with some pretty great boys, too.

 After the gardens we ate at Olmos Pharmacy.  Jonah came in on the scale at a whopping 25 pounds.  I think he was proud.
 We sat at the counter until we were strawberry malt comatose and then headed back home to a secret town which has been floating around the internet on Top 10 lists for places for families to live.  It's supposed to be a secret and it's supposed to have gates so no one else can come here.  It's perfect like it is and no, you're not welcome.

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