Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 Months!

So my child turned 10 months several days ago, or maybe weeks...I'm not really sure...but I'm just now sitting down to blog about it.  In the 30 something culture (yes, I'm a part of that.  I know.  It's like I'm the mom now or something) to fall behind on blogging is a ghastly FAUX PAS!  QUELLE horreure!!  Because gosh darn it, if our children lead undocumented lives or our houses aren't photo-ready with every surface smothered in a good dosing of chalkboard paint then what kind of country are we LIVING IN?!

Well lemme fail ya one more time.  I have no idea how long my child is, and only a pretty good guess of how much he weighs.  And I took good photos of him in our typical chair but I'm pretty comfortable here on the couch with my phone and feel it's fairly important I stay put.  So here go some pretty Pinterest-unworthy stats:

At 10 Months Jonah...
-weighs a lot...maybe 24 or 25 pounds
-is really tall...seriously about half my height when standing
-has hair living in survival mode
-has 4.5 teeth.  None are gold (shoot!)
-still has pudgy wudgy squeezable rolls everywhere
-is looking older and more toddlerish

-is into everything...climbing the stairs, pulling up and walking along the couch, discovers things we did not know could be interesting or dangerous (yesterday he ate some crusted dish detergent from inside the dish washer door...I just told him he has one free pass if I ever need to wash his mouth out with soap...)

-eats anything available or offered and prefers to hold and bite from the whole Megillah, not torn up baby bites.  I have been photographing his meals and aspire one day to do a post on this stage of eating.  We're in between purées and 'real' table foods and it's been a little tricky to navigate.  Hopefully the meals we've come up with will help someone else too!  Look for that post soon.

Back to Jonah (ha - I'm proofing this post and I just caught that we never really left Jonah did we?  So those are the categories of my mind...Jonah and Jonah).  He...

-says Mama a lot but Howard doesn't think so.  I'm not really sure how we line up on deep and complex theological issues but we can't seem to see eye to eye on this FACT.
-also chimes in with "plah blah" for "problem" when we sing "Ol' Jo Short," he goes "Ah ah ah" in a high pitched voice when we ask what a duck says, anytime someone says "show me" he flexes his muscles (even if he person said "show me how you wave buh-bye"), and he loves to clap 
-gives me the best wet slobbery kisses and when we have a family hug and Howard pats me on the back, Jonah starts patting me too.  

-LOVES watching little boys play.  He goes into some sort of trance / study mode and everything around him goes quiet and gets zoned out as he focuses all his learning on how exactly you run from one spot to the next or plan to shoot a water gun, or throw a football, or debate the score of water basketball (he logs most of his observation hours at the pool).

-thinks it's hilarious when I speak French, so that's going great
-turns the pages of his books and loves to sit and read alone or with us. His favorites are Pat the Bunny, Baby's First Photo Bible, Chicka Chicka ABC, Skip's Big Day, In My Nest, Jamberry, and Brown Bear Brown Bear.  We work in others, but these we are sure to read multiple times every day.  He also likes magazines and newspapers.

-naps 30 minutes in the morning and, with help, a little over an hour in the afternoon.   I am beyond exhausted and am learning how to live and function in society as a crazy person.
-uses his left arm to tell us where he wants to go. Opa is the best person at indulging Jonah's requests.  They just walk around Opa's property and wherever Jonah points (well, he's not's more of a bear claw kind of point... )that's where they go.  This goes on for at least a half hour at a time and only stops when someone interrupts them.
-has a favorite spot...the duck creek
-loves getting out and running errands and being on the go.  He tilts his head and smiles at strangers.

-plays hard and cracks up when we chase or tickle him
-initiates peek-a-boo with doors or furniture 

-drinks from a sippy cup with a thick straw
-knows prime numbers and PEMDAS
-is calmed when we sing "Amazing Grace"
-adores our cat, Cotton (who is so patient and sweet with him)

Jonah, I love how jovial you are.  You are so comfortable with yourself and just chuckle and shake your big fat belly all day long.  I think you'd make a great Santa Claus someday.  I so appreciate how rarely you cry, and when you do - like today when you were teething or when you fell and busted your lip a little, it really rattles me. You are changing so much and we hardly recognize you compared to the little, tiny, fragile thing we brought home from the hospital not that long ago (seriously - what 40 weeks ago?!).

(Photo by Nikki Peterson /

Jonah, if you gain nothing else from this post tonight as you check your blogs from your crib before you sleep, know this:

I love you because you are my child. I love you because you are your Papa's child.  I love you because you are God's child.  And I really love who you are.  I mean you are so fun to be around and you already display so many personality traits I wish I had!!  You are even-keeled, alert and interested in people, jolly, and in general simply an old soul.  It is such a priveledge to be your mama.  I used to think it wasn't that important what you DO when you grow up but moreso who you'll BE.  Well, I have to say.  I'm so excited to see what you do.  I guess that's how wonderfully you've got the BE part nailed down.

Please don't change too much.  You can either make me eat my words or enable me to be really annoying because I'm so proud of you.

I don't want to eat these words.  I want to be annoying.  Thank you, son.

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