Friday, August 8, 2014

POD Syndrome and other illnesses

If you hang with me on Facebook you know that our poor Jo threw up all Friday night.  It was the saddest little sight to see his pale face and heaving and inability to crawl.  It was our first virus with him and we hated it! 

Howard googled and learned pedialyte was needed (I could have told him that but I guess the google powers that be carry a bit more gravitas), so he ran out at some horrible hour of the night to get some.  What a devoted Papa.

Now Howard has the bug.  We were looking forward to a respite tomorrow from the overloaded summer we've had, but it looks like I'll be playing nurse.  

My newest patient started to ask me if I had any idea what it felt like to be nauseous and get sick...but he couldn't keep a straight face (a sure sign he's not feeling himself).  I guess he also wanted to live past today.

So far I'm ok on the tummy front but I have actually been suffering from  POD Syndrome.  This disease is becoming more common among my age group, and largely targets females.  It's very difficult to live with and really has become a daily struggle.  

POD stands for Pinterest Overload Syndrome and yes, I made it up.  Scratch that.  I discovered it, and you heard it here first at The Joy!

I kid, but kind of not really so much maybe not.  It's exhausting to try and make a birthday party look spectacular, and it's even exhausting to take a stand and say I'm not going to make it spectacular because then I start gauging how much Jonah's childhood will be ruined if I don't fix my printer so I can label the bowl of Oreos with a super cute sign that says "Oreos."

And after several hours of intermittent party planning I decide I should have read a book and using my spare 3 minutes in that way would have benefitted everyone far more than me having a conversation with myself wherein I go round and round but inevitably talk myself out of making Jonah's cake.  Because I want to live past that day.

Well that's all for now.  Jonah turns 11 months old tomorrow.  I don't have a chalkboard that says that and am not even very far in filling out his baby book, so I that may be all the documentation that happens.  And you know what?  I feel like we need to forget some things once in a while just to balance out The Great Documentation.

Happy 11 months, son.  We love you with our whole Pinterest-less hearts!

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