Sunday, August 17, 2014

Busy Bees Part 1

I just settled in for the night by washing my face with Jonah's Burt's Bees Baby Wash and not only does it smell amazing, but I think it's the best face wash I've ever used.  This post is not sponsored. I'm just really excited about my face's smell right now.

We've spent the weekend in Tulsa visiting my parents (Nonni and Grandpa) and my brother (Uncle Greg).  It's been jam packed with fun and even before we left we had exciting times!

We left for Tulsa on Wednesday, and unlike previous trips I packed the day before.  This was by far the easiest traveling we've done with Jonah!!  Well, let me rephrase that: this was the easiest PACKING we've done with him.  The 12 hour road trip was exhausting, as he is old enough to get bored but too young for movies.

I even had a 'helper' whilst packing.  He took my shoes out:

Climbed in:

And covered himself back up with my shoes.  You as not to be noticed:

And yes, thank you for noticing my awesome packing skills.  I rolled up each day's outfit and secured with a hair tie.  I can't believe how much room it saved!  Interwebnets for the win!

My MIL also sent me tips for painting nails from the Interwebnets.  I loved them.  These are my results after following several of the tips:

I did that during nap time, people!  And you know that's not long in my house!  (By the way - that ring is from Walmart.  $8!  It's my I-don't-care-what-happens-to-this-ring ring.  I bought it for white water rafting in Washington state a few summers ago but it comes in awfully handy when you gain weight to grow a baby and then also care for said baby.)

Start to finish, ready-to-touch-stuff-dry my at-home manicure was about a 10 minute process.  Here are the tips I tried and loved.  It sounds like a lot but it actually made the whole process much faster:

1. Line skin around nail bed with Vaseline.
2. Paint base coat on too half of nails only, then again over whole nail.
3. Paint one thin layer of colored paint.
4. Dip nails in ice water to set and dry (it doesn't mess them up at all - it's a quick-dry tip and it works!!)
5. Spray with non-stick cooking spray


Aren't those kind of crazy tips?!  But they work!  Here's the original link my MIL sent:

 Annnnnd now I feel like a valley girl for talking about nails for so long.  (Please see my last post on the book I'm reading.  It may help balance out this picture.  Like, seriously...K?!)

The night before we left we attended an Greg Abbott fundraiser and got to hang with 'the other Greg' (my brother):

And then we embarked on our trek to tour the play places of Texas and Oklahoma...

Or create our own in the back of the truck...

and spend the time in between pulling out Dollar Store prizes...

some of which were surprisingly challenging:

But what can you expect from a Valley Girl (or a pachycephalosaurus)?

Stay tuned for Busy Bees Part 2 on our adventures in Tulsa!

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