Sunday, August 10, 2014

Catching Up

I have a sweet little one asleep on me so let's go through iPhone photos and catch you up on what's been happenin' round these parts!

We celebrated Howard's oldest friend (hehe- I mean 'longtime') Elizabeth and her 40th birthday!  She lives a life worth celebrating!

This is Elizabeth's mom, Phyllis.  She used to watch Howard when he was a baby!

Jonah was in full on party mode.  It's hard to top any affair where you ride goats.  (In case you were wondering that expression is excitement.  Apparently goats are absolutely thrilling.)

And of course plenty of left-arm directions were followed by Opa.  He's the only person who will spend the time just walking Jonah around wherever he wants to go.

Howard and I had a 3-day inservice this week and on Wednesday Jonah went to his first day at his new 'school.'  (He's going to daycare this year while I teach part time.)

He always loves it when we visit there and was so excited to go.

He wasn't thrilled when we picked him up...

BUT he had a great day and did really really well.  The teachers were wonderful with him too. His little sheet that told me what he learned and did said he loved outside and the food at lunch - and that he had seconds. :-) Even though he'll only be there a few hours each afternoon they still might lose money on us!

We've had some hard days recently and I firmly believe the healthiest way to deal with emotions is unhealthy eating. :-). Blue Bell's seasonal Lemon Bliss was the perfect cure!

Howard has been cutting Jonah's hair at home and it's going great!!  This neat little device is also so much safer than the hair salon's sharp scissors that were so close to his eyes!

And as much as I love Jonah's hair, it sure is sweet to see him with it covered up sometimes.  He just looks more like a baby!  Preciousness.

Well that's about it!  We're getting into school mode and finishing up the summer to-do list, soaking up pool time, and I'm enjoying shopping and cooking from my Stocked Kitchen book.  It's a simple, wonderful life!

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