Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What I've Learned in a Year

This preciousness is about to turn 1.  That means it's also almost the start of a new football season (we're not big new year's folks so apparently the new school year / Jonah's birthday / football season is our ringing in the auld anxiem or rather anxiety or whatever).

Here are some things I've learned.  I reiterate 'learned.'  These are not the most important aspects of parenting - they are simply things I didn't know before I was one (a parent that is - not one year old...although I didn't know them before then either).

1.  Parenting is really more about the parent's growth.  The baby's growth happens without sin-filled stumbling blocks.

2.  In the early days when poop is flying (yes, it flies) and you're running on no sleep (which is not just a colloquial phrase it turns out; it actually means "zero" sleep...as in it's the next day and you haven't even tried laying down in bed) LOOK your partner in the EYES.  I discovered how easy it is to be in the zone of saving the world one diaper at a time, but in the midst of that just taking a split second to make eye contact with your mate can do wonders when that may be all you have in a world longing for dinners and movies.


4. Write it down.  You will, believe it or not, forget.  

5. Supplies you need but won't see on a registry suggestion list:  an external hard drive, WD-40 for squeaky doors, a car charger for your phone, lotion at every sink (you only think you wash your hands before you're an OCD mom), a steam vac if you have carpet, RESOLVE (it's the only thing that worked for me in getting out stains from baby clothes), and an Ergo backpack carrier.  They're expensive so we didn't get one.  Mistake.  You need an Ergo!  (Beware of imposters on eBay though!)

6.  You're still tired in a year.  Just get used to it.  This is why I have to go now and leave you thinking I've only learned 6 things in a year.  

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