Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top 2 Tuesday: Podcasts!

Again, love of my phone compels me to share 2 of my favorite things to listen through it (besides Howard calling to check on me : ).  

The first is the Denton Bible Church podcast:

Howard attended this church up by Dallas when he played for UNT.  He just loved the pastor, Tommy Nelson, and I do too.  I wish we lived close enough to attend!  Every time I listen I am challenged, inspired, edified, educated, and I always chuckle.  What a gift he has for teaching the word.  BONUS:  he's manly.  Yep, as a female I too appreciate masculinity in the church.

The next one is the Dave Ramsey channel on iHeart Radio.

OK, so not technically a podcast, but very easy to get to and use.  Dave is a Christian teacher in an overwhelmingly understudied and under discussed area of Christian living: money.  Did you know that the bible mentions money more than it does love?  Dave's message is that we are to  be obedient to scripture by being excellent stewards of God's money that he's loaned us for this earthly life.  I love that Dave focuses on the HOW and the daily practical application of that calling.  

What do you tune into?

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