Monday, September 16, 2013

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So Friday was supposed to be 'photography Friday' and I would post all the fun little at home photo shoots I've had with Jonah.  

Today was supposed to be something inspirational.  And alliterational. Like Meaningful Monday.  My hair was going to be washed and dried while I posted and my outfit was going to be super cute - yes, something I could blog about and give you shopping links to.  We were going to be your typical, run of the mill, perfect normal mommy blog.

Well that's not happening so get over it.  Let's face it:  I am a kitchen and nothing else.  The only reason I can write to you about this is Jonah is asleep on my chest.  I have approximately 2.3 minutes before I'm sure he'll wake up acting like he's never eaten before in his life.

Really, he doesn't scream or even cry for food.  But he does have the best puppy dog face EVER.  I mean we are in serious trouble here as parents.  And of course it's the angle I never saw coming.  The powerful, stare-you-down-melt-your-heart-into-a-million-pieces puppy dog face.  It's absolutely irresistible.

So, pretend that there's a real mommy blog here.  In the meantime, I'll be getting back to being a real mommy.  Of a newborn.  In an outbreak of whooping cough.  Where I'm pretty sure someone on house arrest sees and talks to more people than I do.

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