Thursday, November 7, 2013

So much time...

Jonah just woke up from a FIVE HOUR nap.  I mean I did not know what to do with myself short of starting the groundwork for a major life project like founding a university or some such.  Even more than that I came THIS CLOSE to embarking on youtube-teaching myself to make Pinterest-worthy iced sugar cookies.  But I decided we'd keep the peace around here.


After working on our retirement planning and learning the morse code of our CO and smoke know, normal day to day stuff...

I dusted.  And polished the pewter.
I mean seriously - I polished the pewter? (BTW - until today I'd never once done that in our 6.5 years of you can probably tell)

And then I just adjusted my pearl necklace and pencil skirt and caught up on my correspondence until Jonah woke up...

It was weird.  And I LIKED it.

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