Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our weekend with Nonni, Poppy, and The Godfather

Jonah had a fussy day on Friday but didn't cry the rest of the weekend.

Some snuggles from Nonni fixed him right up

On Saturday he sported his Tech pride for Poppy.  I was OK with it.  It's in-state tuition so GO RED RAIDERS!  Ha!

He was an inch worm with Papa and got to hang with Uncle Greg

The big people ate and ate and ate and watched football and sat around debating the appropriate use of apostrophes with acronyms...ya know...NORMAL family stuff.

After the family left Jonah and I looked at early Christmas lights (he loved them)

And today we enjoyed falling leaves and neighborhood football.  I can't believe he'll ever be old enough to play.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Top 2 Tuesday and the 2 things I'm rebelling against as a parent!  Well, 2 OF them anyway...

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