Thursday, November 14, 2013

Favorite Things!!

Today I'm linking up at for a Favorite Things party!  Right now my favorite things under $10 are these bad boys:

I learned about these from wonderful Shay at  You can find these in the store over by the foil and Saran Wrap.  I haven't even used them yet and they are already bringing more peace to my life just knowing I won't have to scrub another crock pot ever again!!  They come to a little above $1 per liner (it's usually sold as a box of 4 liners).  And that's TOTALLY worth it to me, even on a tight budget, to not clean the crock pot!  (Can you tell how much I hate cleaning crock pots?)  Heck I probably spend more than $1 in water and soap to clean the darn things!  

Yes, that's crock pots plural.  I ended up with a plurality of crock pots by accident but it should have been intentional!  I use them both a LOT!  And I would use even more!  Especially a little tiny one for sauces and chocolates and cheeses and such.  You can never go wrong with having melted chocolates and cheeses on hand...

What is your crock pot situation and do you use liners?  Did you know I actually have a degree in something and I can converse about things a little more meaningful than crock pots and their liners?  Did you know actually I can't because I'm tired and my brain only runs on slow cooker mode these days?  

And because I know why you really stopped by today, here's my favorite thing that's priceless!!


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