Friday, November 8, 2013


Jo was dreaming about food this morning when LO and BEHOLD...he woke up SURROUNDED by it!!  This was his face of disbelief for a good five minutes:

I wish my money dreams would end that way!!

(Although I was pretty happy to be surrounded by food as well.)

(And I shopped with a divine decaf pumpkin spice latte from the shop outside the store.  Half the price of Starbucks and twice as good.)

We made several easy recipes today!

My favorite is what's in the crockpot for dinner:

Chicken Chili!

All I did was bake some frozen chicken, threw it while still hot into my kitchenaid mixer (which I know how to work now and can't really figure out what life was like before it.  But Jonah being here is still a daily shocker...)

And tossed that beautiful shreddedness (I'm telling you - I'll be doing this every day. I even set aside some in the fridge for salad toppers) in with whatever we had on hand that I thought might be good in a chicken chili (it was easy to decide really, once I found what WASN'T EXPIRED...good grief it's like a 1957 storeroom for an atomic bomb in that there pantry of ours...ok...maybe not quite 1957...but definitely very pretty mostly's pretty bad when you let CANNED food expire...):

Haven't tasted it yet but it smells delicious.

These next two recipes were inspired by Shay at and what I had on hand. 

These little puppies I had to freeze immediately because I had one, was shocked at how good it was (especially being that it has PUMPKIN, and knew the rest would be too tempting):

All I did for those was mix a box of spice cake mix, 1 can pumpkin, 6 oz chopped walnuts, and about a cup of craisins that I first ran through the food processor.  I just thought they shouldn't be so chunky. Baked at 350 for 25 min.  I would have chosen 356 just to be different but my oven wouldn't let me.  It's stuck in a rut.


(I know I know you're thinking how DOES she do it?!?!)

(And I'm thinking I have no idea?!?!  Aren't I fabulous and so Pinteresty?!)

(And Jonah's thinking - Lady, you have GOT to TAKE A SHOWER sometime today ...and washing your clothes at some point would be great too.)

Those are the two roads diverged in a yellow wood.  Bathe yourself or bake.  Today I have chosen the path less followed.  Frost might be proud?  Or not care cause that's not really what his poem was about?

Back to the AND:

Browned breakfast sausage mixed with eggs, cheese, and a packet of dry ranch dressing.  Spooned into fillo shells.  Baked at 350 for 20.  Fabuloso.  Freezable.  Fun.

Happy Friday.  I'm out.
(Flips hair, finding it has become half up and half down with a rubberband in there somewhere like it's a kid playing in a pile of leaves...ops..yep...there's a little leaf in there too...trips on toy and finds wet spot of spit up on shoulder...#notsoPinteresty.)

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