Friday, February 7, 2014

Glorious Cold Day

School was cancelled today and other than the fact that I just read an email with the word 'pinteresting' actually used, it's been a day of highs.  Howard and I were downstairs at 6:00 this morning when the text came through that due to icy conditions there would be no school.  We seriously jumped up and down like 3 year olds and chanted, "School is cancelled! School is cancelled!"  This went on for longer than you are imagining right now.

(For the record, we love and cherish our jobs dearly.)

We immediately replanned our day.  I cancelled Oma coming over to watch Jo and thought about all the things I would accomplish today, which all basically involved throwing a day long pajama party.  

By the time Jonah woke up, Howard and I were so hyped up that Jonah didn't quite know what to do with himself.  He was stunned that both of us were there when he woke up and that we were so excited.

I just realized he may think it's his birthday.

Anyway, I made hot chocolate from a Williams Sonoma recipe and using my Williams Sonoma ceramic hot chocolate maker.  Let's just say it involved more half and half than I knew was legal, real chocolate shavings, a frother, and was the closest thing to French hot chocolate I've ever had outside of France.

And I just happened to have spinach quiche on hand, and already have dinner for tonight since I made a big batch of wine infused spaghetti meat sauce last night.  I mean seriously - how prepared could we be for an ice day?!

We proceeded to do some serious playing, snuggly reading, and *may* have watched a little Sesame Street about the first day of school and it *may* have been absolutely too exciting for me to bear.  During this alleged TV allowance Jonah *may* have been in an absolute trance and *may* have become verbally and physically animated when Cookie Monster ate a cookie.

But, no.  Of course our child has never seen a screen.  What, do you think we're just negligent parents?

Earlier this week my sweet friend Emilie watched Jonah and so he also got to play with his very first friend, Gill.  When I was pregnant with Jonah I watched Gill one day and whenever I held him close to my belly Jonah got excited and punched or kicked him.  

Jonah learned so much from Gillie Pillie, especially about sitting up!  He's almost got it!!

We also got have coffee with Krystal earlier this week and Jonah WOULD NOT EAT he was so enjoying our visit.  What a compliment to Krystal!!

AND I also got to take my French students to a French cooking lesson at Boerne Cooking Cottage.  It was taught all in French by a native speaker and the kids blew me away.  #oneveryproudteacher


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