Friday, December 13, 2013

Party Man Jo

Did I call it or WHAT.  I knew this kid was going to be a people-person-life-lover-get-up-and-go kinda guy from the womb!  The backwards flip he did on one of our many ultrasounds was only confirmation. And Howard and I are so much alike.  I knew God would want to mix this scene up.

Now we sit in our driveway after visiting the doc and learning Jo doesn't nap well because he's the kind of baby that doesn't want to miss the party.  

(We also learned he's gone from the 40th to the 90th percentile in weight in 4 weeks.)

(So basically we went to the doc to find out that we're all tired and hungry.)

So we have some sleep homework to do.  It basically involves me drinking coffee and listening to music while Jonah cries.

That should be pleasant.

I almost thought about sleeping in the car too, but I guess we should go in lest a dingo break through the ol' corrolla window and eat my baby.

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