Thursday, December 12, 2013

One special ornament

We are so tired.  No.  You're not tired.  WE'RE tired.  

I promise we win.

Thus, the status of our Christmas decor is sorry.

At this point I've decided to stop where we are because by the time I finish, it will be Christmas.  For one day.  And then I'll need to take it down.

If I quit with what we've got up now, then maybe I can have it down by Spring Break.

However it just occurred to me that if I keep going, it will be done in time for next Christmas.  

But for the moment we have my eternal-attempt-to-be-Pinteresty-chalkboard-everything-including-the-chalkboard sign.  Except this pic is from today...#notsopinteresty

A sign that we joked might need some qualifiers like "when we're not so tired," or "when we have more money."  And then we decided it was fine like it is...

One fire-hazard dead tree...

And one ornament that got unpacked and hung when no others did...

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