Sunday, December 22, 2013

More than OK

Someday I will take a car trip and sit back in my clean beige leather PASSSENGER seat, flip on the butt warmer, and chat with my husband at a volume above whisper-pretty-much-mouthing-so-we-dont-wake-the-baby about how the time has gone.

I'll powder my clean face mid-trip and touch up my washed and styled hair, glance at my manicured nails, and wonder at the spacious floor beneath my feet if I should have worn my cognac boots or these patent leather pumps (a word which once again refers only to that which adorns my feet), knowing my tennis shoes are packed in the back ready for daily workouts at our destination.  

We'll chat about Jonah and how he's getting along as a Disney Imagineer and how that really is the perfect job for him and how his wife due with triplets is doing.  Thank goodness they can afford a live-in nanny in their beautiful home.  That college fund we started for him at Christmas 2013 and never got to contribute to again really did pay off.

If we have to go back for something, it will be for the earrings I forgot, not for our hubcap that fell off on the highway and we have to pull over and walk back and get.  And if we stop, it will be in Dallas to approve that furniture purchase and have it shipped home, and then off to lunch and a little shopping in McKinney.  There I'll use the restroom all by myself.  And thank goodness we ate, I'll think, I've got to put some skin on these bones.


But not today.  And that's more than OK. : )

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