Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glorious Moments

Every night after I get Jonah to sleep I have what I like to call my Moment.  The rules are my phone, good coffee, a sweet, and the downstairs to myself.

It's glorious.  

You know how most regular people take little breaks throughout the day?  You know, like eat or drink or think something?  Or take a deep breath?  

Yeah.  It's like that all at once.  It's glorious.  I think I already said that.

Here's tonight's moment.  The reindeer cookie was made by a sweet new friend.  Right before this pic he face planted on the table and then lost an ear.  That's just the kind of day he had.  (The reindeer, not the friend.)

As I reflect on my day with my now FOUR MONTH OLD I can't help but wax sentimental.

I just savor every moment and love how we go together even when we're not together.

Like today at the dentist when people asked me if I had a baby and I proudly smiled, "Why yes!  Yes I do!" and they proceeded to point out the throw up trailing down the back of my shirt.  And how I was still proud and smiling after that.

Or the other night when I finally had the chance to take a relaxing bath and kept testing the water with the inside of my wrist, only to realize what I'd done when I plunged into a lukewarm tub.  And how that momentary disappointment was so full of joy.

Jonah is just the best gift we've ever gotten to open.  We are so thankful he is healthy and happy.  We celebrated his great checkup this morning (80th percentile for height and weight coming in at 16 pounds 10 ounces / 25.5 inches long) with his first taste of solid food.

He had blueberries.  He found that absolutely too exciting to bear.  And I cherished the moment.  I was simply present.  Time stopped and we just discovered blueberries.  And so did our clothes and our chairs and our five towels and our half a roll of paper towels.


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