Wednesday, December 4, 2013

He's making his list and checking it twice...

We have had some long hard days lately.  Here's Jonah's 3.5 month checklist:

1.  Puppy dog face gets results - check!
2.  When I splash in my new tub mom and dad get wet and squeal - check!
3.  If I cry when my paci falls out someone puts it back in - check!
4.  If I cry when mom leaves the room she comes back - check!
5.  If I cry when mom sets me down two feet in front of her she picks me back up - check!
6. If I cry when it's nap time I get to sleep on mom - check!

You get the picture.  I don't know if he doesn't feel good or is off from our Tulsa trip or is just older and in a new stage but the kid is working me. Today at 4:00 when I was making my lunch with Jonah strapped to me in the backpack carrier I realized all I'd done all day was put the pacifier back in.  It fell out as I thought that and I looked at Jonah and said, "Sorry buddy.  Mommy needs both her hands to make food or neither one of us gets to eat and we all die.  So you'll have to live without the paci for a few minutes."

(No, I'm not dramatic.  Why do you ask?)

He started fussing and I told him to think about something else.  So we sung the ABCs and then he was fine.  That's right folks.  My child LIVED without his pacifier for a whole 3 minutes.  

Must have been that classical music I played him in the womb. 


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