Monday, May 12, 2014

The Storm Outside

After a whirlwind day of MOPS, teaching, the Dinner Circus, the Bath Party, the Bedtime Rodeo, I find myself in bed, exhausted, and grateful. 

Grateful for the storm threatening to rage outside.  Grateful for my husband who fills our home with so much love and fun and magic.  Grateful for my friends, old and new.  Grateful I just got to leave that sentence and go answer the call to put the pacifier back in the mouth of the most precious little (term to be used lightly) baby boy.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  After a close call (and unabashed stomping of my foot) with eating burgers, we landed at the only (girly) place left in town with room at the inn and it was lovely.  I got my eggs benedict and peach iced tea and Howard didn't didn't find anything on the menu to eat because he says he doesn't eat squirrel food, and that on Father's Day we're going somewhere that feeds people, not squirrels, and that on his birthday we're eating somewhere that will actually feed you... : )

But Jonah did enjoy the food.  He tried some of my orange, strawberry, melon, and even had some cheese biscuit!  He was so good, too.  He's always so good.  Maybe he'll want to run around soon, but right now he is so fun and easy to take places.  He loves listening to people's stories and watching them talk and get animated.  He's always up for a new adventure.  And with him there always is one.

I have no pictures because that's a whole headache I can't go into right now.  I just want to hand my computer, phone, and camera to someone and say, "Here.  Fix this." 

*Sappy lesson tie-in alert

And that is life currently.  My mind is on overload.  My memory capacity is full (and since my Erin Condren life planner isn't available for pre-order until June there's nowhere to dump all my saved mental files ; ).  There are storms of life threatening to rage right outside my door.  But in my home there are three people who are happy and healthy. After almost two years of grief, morning sickness, and multiple other complications from babies, that is huge.  And I am grateful. 

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