Thursday, May 29, 2014

9 months!

I have to share that I already happen to have knowledge of who Jimmy Fallon's replacement will be on the Tonight Show.

Jonah Short.

What a HAM.  

Technically Jonah turned 9 months yesterday, but because I had a faculty meeting yesterday we made his well visit checkup for today, and well, it just seemed appropriate that I wait to blog then too. 

He came in at 95% for height, 75% for weight, and 90% for head.  I'd say the head part is genetic.  As are some other things...

Let's just put it this way: I'm sure we brought home the right baby from the hospital.

But if anyone needs yet further proof, hear this.  Jonah is not doing well in unstructured group environments.  

Sorry world.  There's 2 of me now.

He is really crawling on all fours, trying to pull up to standing, I've received a handful more of "Mama"s since that fateful day on May 15, and Jonah is preparing for his future Tonight Show takeover by experimenting with various voices and impersonations.  Currently his favorite is a clowny, throaty sounding voice combined with the reverberating rattle of gurgled spit.

He's big on spit.

He has two top teeth in addition to his trusty bottom chompers (that didn't sound right...) and he's gearing up for an upgrade in food.  

He loves to show us his muscles (a little trick we did not even teach him - he taught us!), and he is a CUDDLE BUG!  Any mood, anywhere, anytime.  Jonah loves being held.

Oh and yes - his hair is doing great.  He'll appreciate you asking.

Stay tuned tomorrow!  I will be doing a summer reading post!  I can't tell you how excited I am to read, read, read!

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