Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Danger: theological musings from a non-professional

I've been listening to the Bible on audio today via my Bible Gateway app.  I've never done an audio version of the Word (besides hearing it read in person).  It's so cool!  I get a ton more scripture in my day than if I try and wait until I can sit down and read...and I notice things I never have before!  Like what does it mean that people began calling on the name of The Lord after Enosh was born?!  They just started then?  Surely it can't mean relying on Him, but perhaps an actual name He gave them.  I mean there was a curse and no epidurals.  Somebody had to have cried out to Him.  A mother's son died.  I can't imagine she didn't call upon The Lord, with whom she had even dialogued.

Or were Adam and Eve mad at God?  Did they wrongfully direct anger at the curse toward God, and teach other generations to do so as well?

I don't know.  Here's what I do know.  I'm exhausted!  Good night all.

OU football and a friend's house (that's how we know she's our friend):

Cheap zoo at the Walmart fish tank:


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