Sunday, May 18, 2014


Well.  Blogging these days just seems to be on the back burner for me.  May is a crazy month!

It also hasn't helped my blogging (I say that like it's a second career or something) that after a several-year hiatus I'm back on Facebook.  And, just like before, I'm addicted.  Only this time around it's so much better because I got to start from scratch and friend people I'm actually friends with.  I know.  The geniusness.

And yes, I'm old enough that I actually still try to type in "thefacebook."  That must mean I'm about to be 30.  

And even though I have started coloring my hair and Howard is salt-and-peppering, nothing made me feel quite as old as what happened tonight.  

Howard and I made plans to watch a movie.  Jonah is such a great sleeper and without a routine to get ready and gear up for tomorrow, we just found ourselves with an evening of time!  We saw it coming in advance and rented Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and Sandra Bullock's underwear.  

Seriously.  Is it just me or is every single movie she's ever been in feature her underwear??

Anyway, we're sitting down to start the show and I had on my glasses, which are out of prescription so I can't see far away very well with them.  The start of the show was a black screen with small white lettering of sentences that were setting the scene.  The font was weird and they were a little blurry so I asked Howard to read those to me.  

I guess he decided I just couldn't see anything and would need help through the whole show because after those sentences finished and the image of the space shuttle came on, and it was clear that our attention should be drawn toward the right of the screen where a small white object was getting bigger and bigger,  Howard startled me by shouting - in all manner of seriousness and in a loud, clear, very frank voice  and tone - (as in the kind that's slightly twangy and feels like it should be followed by the word 'Mother') "HERE COMES A SPECK."


After the initial shock of being so helped in watching a movie, I proceeded to lose it to hysterical cry laughing because nothing makes you feel 85 years old like your husband shouting at you what's happening on the TV you're staring at.

It's good to know we have a head start on the growing old bit.  

In other news, we have a precious baby.  His development is really starting to take off.  He scoots and sits up, his memory is apparent as he knows where the books are, he knows if he puts his finger in the back of the 'In My Nest' book it makes the birdy move.  He waves hello and bye-bye, and in a moment of sheer joy that has not been repeated and thus has Howard convinced I am fabricating tales, he said, "Mama."

I know you said it, Jonah.  May 15, 2014.  The day I've waited for my entire life.  Sigh.  What profound joy to be your mama.  

Even if I am so old your father shouts the movie play-by-play to me.

Or maybe that just means he's old.

Let's go with that. ; )

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