Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our little rooster

Jonah is so much older than he was 3-4 days ago.  He always seems to grow leaps and bounds when we go out of town or have out of town family come to us.  He is such a people person (if I'm around - if his mama's not in the same room it's a no-go).

My great aunt passed away this weekend and we were fortunate to be able to attend the service in Abilene.  I wish I were blood related to Elizabeth because she was the cutest, smartest, sweetest thing you've ever met.  She was 84 and lived a life of joy and dedication to The Lord.  It's just the way you want to leave this place.  Honorably.  Saved.  Known for your joy and service and incredibly cute figure and sense of style :-).

Jo was the only baby at the funeral and worked the crowd with his charm.  He did not know it wasn't an all out parTAY.  In the procession driving from the service to the gravesite Jonah was giggling with delight and energy telling me all about the fun he was having.  He couldn't contain it!  It was hilarious!  Not appropriate funeral behavior, but definitely a huge dollop of joy and life.

Jo and his Great Gape (my grandma):

Nonni and Poppy:

Back home

Baby's first selfie:

Jonah is grabbing really well now.  Ever since he was a teeny tiny newborn I've brought his little hand up to my mouth for a kiss while he nurses.  This is the new resulting experience:

Jonah also has a new sound now - the squeal.  He sounds just like a rooster.  It made our car ride extra fun :-).

We love our little grabby rooster.

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