Friday, January 3, 2014

A page is turned

Our last few days of maternity leave ...

My little reader

Sleeping through an amazing Sooner victory

Smirk :)

Pears in the big boy chair

I am so thankful for my 6 hour a week job teaching French at an amazing school in an amazing community, and the amazing care (and multiple choices for it at that) that we have for Jonah.  From the start of our marriage Howard and I have prayed Psalm 90:7, "Establish the work of our hands oh Lord, yes establish the work of our hands."  He has never ceased to deliver an answer to that prayer, and not just put us where He wants us, but actually has given us happiness and joy and now even comfort as we serve Him.  

(I can't say my old job teaching on the west side of San Antonio was comfortable.  But it was fulfilling.  By the way, check out "Locked Up" on MSNBC.  It's about gangs in that area.  Yeah.  I taught those kids.  Not just kept them in the room, in their seats, but actually taught them.  You kinda don't wanna mess with me.)

It's not going to be an easy transition.  But seriously.  A French undergrad degree being used part time in south Texas, and excellent care for Jo.  That's from God, people.

Can I get an AMEN!

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