Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tripping Over Dump Trucks

I wanted to start this post with, "Well, it's 8:07 and I'm already in bed."  But, yet again, it's almost 10:00.  

No matter how hard I try I cannot get to bed earlier than that!  And my kitchen is even a mess and I have company coming for Easter and completely skipped my first to-do of going to the store tonight after Jonah was in bed and then skipped my second to-do of getting my baking done after that.  Five o'clock in the morning has way more vision than its 9pm ugly step sister.


This should bode well for the rest of my hostessing weekend.

Instead of rushing home to clean and cook I took Jonah to his first baseball game.  Because we've been saying 'Baseball' for our B sound word and because that sounded way more fun than anything involving a 'toilet wand.'
(Lemme tell you somethin'.  If you've gotta get on your knees and use muscle to scrub, that ain't no wand.)

He LOVED it.

He loved the middle school boys sitting in front of us, he loved the attention from other spectators in the stands, and he loved watching the game.  And I love that he loves things I think will be fun.  I'm always half expecting for something to go the complete opposite of what I intended, but Jonah gets so interested in what I want him to be interested in!  It's SO fun!!

I was so proud that I could explain to him everything that was going on, and he listened intently.  But when Papa joined us a little later and asked what the score was and how many outs there were, I was stumped.

I have a feeling Jonah may soon fire me from being his activities manager.  Until that day comes, I will savor the joy each new experience brings him, the fatigue it brings me, and the dump trucks I trip over trying to drag myself to bed at the unholy late hour of nine something.

We are looking forward to a very special weekend with family and my favorite holiday of the year.  Happy Easter!

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