Monday, April 28, 2014

8 Months!

Today Jonah is 8 months old.

 He has a bright, fun personality.

 When he's comfortable, he is a goofball.

His favorite foods are vegetable pasta and apple apricot.  His favorite books are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Pat the Bunny.  He loves playing peek-a-boo, petting Cotton (our cat - she'd be appalled to know you might not be familiar with her and that this blog is not actually all about her), and playing with straps, ropes, and tags. 

 Jonah whips his head to look at whoever speaks his name.

 He rolls and scoots backwards (we call it moon crawling), but he's now starting to rock on all fours.  Yesterday I even saw him move one of his knees forward.  Though sometimes he just reaches back and grabs his leg to manually move it.  It makes me laugh. 

 He knows when his picture is being taken.

 He's about to be everywhere.
 He's already difficult for Papa to keep in the baby tub.

 Jonah loves  nothing more than a great story.  He likes real adult conversation too, not the baby stuff.  His attention is held captive by anyone telling an intense tale. 
 Have I mentioned he's a goofball?

 In addition to being social (when he feels secure), Jonah is very musical.  We're beginning to see him dance (you're welcome, son) and he is showing us he can really feel the beat!  He also showed the left side of church his dance moves during worship on Sunday...

 And our photo session is coming to an end...

 ...there it is.  Jonah out.

Jonah, you are so much fun.  You are such a great sleeper (11 hours straight at night), and your giggle melts us.  You are getting so tall (I didn't measure today) and so heavy (I didn't weigh you today but a couple of days ago you were 22 lbs).  You are sensitive to the people and the moods around you.  You are physically so strong.  What a great combination for a man.  You're our little man and we adore you.

P.S.  The lion may not be returning for future photo sessions.  His back was broken and innards pulled out and almost swallowed by a gigantic 8 month old.

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