Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Ohhh what a special Easter we had!!  Before I share our adventurous weekend, I have to tell you this post will require your imagination.  For you see, I have no pics to upload from my phone because it is full.  I cannot transfer the photos from my camera to my laptop because my laptop is full.  I can't spend time working on figuring out if Carbonite will back up an external hardrive because my daily schedule is full.

They really should replace the 'how to bathe your newborn baby' classes with training on how to manage your PHOTO OVERLOAD.  I'm serious.  It should include teaching Dad how to use the zoom lens, topics like 'Preparing your Computer for Baby' and 'Post Partum Photo Editing,' and practices in how to breathe when you think you've lost all your photos:  "heeeee heeeee hooooo heeee heeee hoooo."

I will say though, among all the full disk space in this house, my heart is full as well.  We had such a special weekend.

Nonni and Grandpa drove in on Friday.  Jonah tried to stay awake for them but after a fun day of the Easter bunny, Easter games and baby friends at church he didn't quite make it, so they peeked in on him sleeping.  He looked soooo cute.

This made for an exciting Saturday morning when Nonni and Grandpa came over to play and it took us 4 hours to get ready to go to the zoo (and I didn't even shower.  I don't really know how this happens.  And it seems we get worse at getting out the door, not better.). But it was worth it because Jonah looked soooo cute in his new little crib size 3 tennis shoes and athletic shorts and tee shirt.  

Great Gape arrived in time to go to the zoo with us and Uncle Greg arrived in time to meet us there and oh what an adventure we had!  

Jonah thought all the fuss was for going on the front sidewalk to see our kitty, Cotton, and play with flowers.  He thought that was what zoo meant.  Then he thought the parking garage was what zoo meant.  Oh he loved the parking garage!

Then we all thought the zoo was people camped out as you walk up to it.  Oma later explained this is a San Antonio Easter weekend tradition.  She said some families have had the same picnic table for 50 years.  I'm not sure I really get the point (or the enjoyment...) but hey.  They all seemed like happy campers.

But then.

Then we got to show Jonah what we've been talking about for weeks.  What the word zoo actually means.

You guys.  The zoo has the coolest stuff.  The aquarium has these awesome ceiling fans.  They're white and they spin really fast.  And at the monkey exhibit you can see yourself in the reflection of the plexiglass.  Oh!! And at the lion's den the wooden fence is really fun to touch!!  AND the hippopotamus cave has this air duct system that's this big black metal piping.  It's really neat.

Eh hem.

After the zoo Great Gape treated us to Scenic Loop Cafe and it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the company and the atmosphere!  I actually somehow have a picture of that to share!

 Jonah enjoyed talking on his new cell phone in the car on the way over there.  I'm trying to authenticate it by having very real conversations on it so that he's interested in chewing it more than my real phone.  However, this has resulted in me using the LeapFrog phone more than my own.  I now know numbers 1-9 very well.  (For the record, I knew them well before I used Jonah's phone too.) 

Saturday night I continued prepping for Easter dinner with all the grace and calm of a woman who just makes delicious meals and beautiful homes pop out of thin air.  (Or some far off version of that which had my husband ironing table cloths at 9:00 pm without being asked because 1) he's awesome and 2) he was scared.)

After the priceless and precious opening of Jonah's swim-themed Easter basket Sunday morning, we dressed him for church - which was not his favorite part of the weekend, especially when his shoes were too tight but I spent 15 minutes wrestling him and shoving them on his fat feet because gosh darn it that's what I bought them for and they were denim and so precious. 

It was worth it because he looked sooooo cute in his bright green pants and three layers of tops...and denim shoes. : )

We saw great friends at church and came home to a family-filled Easter table with our beloved family from both sides and a meal that convinced me we need to cater next year.  Or camp out by the zoo. 

Goodbyes were hard.  Jonah had a hard morning realizing it was quiet and calm again.  He kept looking for people and crying when he couldn't find anyone.  : (  It was the saddest sight.  Some snuggles with mommy and a nap on the couch helped.  So did seeing a good friend who came over to enjoy leftover desserts.  

It's back to real life tomorrow, Jo.  But the zoo will be there waiting, as will all the family who loves you...

...and maybe even the family who camped out IN the zoo on their own little grassy area and looked like an exhibit.

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