Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nap Nirvana

We have been navigating the uncharted territory of the short nap at our place for quite a while now.  Uncharted because if I take a nap it's for 4 hours (seriously, I'm not kidding), and no one's ever heard Howard refuse the opportunity to nap, and we don't understand how anyone could say no thank you (or AaaaAaaaaaAaaaaAaaaa eeeee hawwwww eeeeee hawwwww warahhhhhhhhhhh!) to the request to 'please go lie down in a nice, dark room at the perfect temperature with some soothing white noise of waves at the perfect volume with this lovie and this paci and this wonderful cozy blanket, and - what's that you say? You need calm time first and then rock time and then bottom pat time and a gradual 30 minute decrease into the nap transition and then a transition from that transition into the falling asleep transition and then help transitioning from that transition into the bed?  And then again when you wake up 30 minutes later?  Ok.  Sure thing.'  

I know.

We're suckers.

We just can't do cry it out because our eyes get all puffy and my mascara runs.  So we're doing the sucker thing.  It works for us.  

Thankfully, it actually is beginning to work, and Jonah has had two GREAT naps today, one of which is occurring as I write, and I've already gone to the bathroom AND drank a glass of water.........

Of course as soon as I typed that he woke up!  Here he is while we sing "I feel good, I knew that I would now, I feel nice, like sugar and spice, I feel good, I feel good, cause I got a nap..."

He's like what did I do?  Why are we partying?

Now he either thinks it's a snow day or his birthday.  

Love me some sweet Jonah baby and his picture smile:

Yesterday our school family threw us a sip & see prayer shower and even gave us a ton of books!!  It was so special.  Lucky little 'community baby' as one friend deemed him. :-)

Here were the scriptures prayed over Jonah:

We were so honored, especially since our shower fell in a week of unbearable loss in our community.  We love doing life with these precious people.

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